Why does OASF exist?

In 2003, we nearly lost our club. As part of a fan lead campaign money was raised to save the club from administration. £200,000 was invested in the club and the then owners issued a 3% shareholding in the club.

What are OASF objectives?

To ensure football remains in Oldham.

Who are OASF?

OASF is anyone who is a stakeholder in Oldham Athletic. OASF serves all fans of Oldham Athletic and the community which the football club serves. Membership to OASF provides stakeholders a greater voice.

Latest Posts

Owner’s 5 commitments – our progress 20.09.21

ON the 6 September Mr Lemsagam in an open letter, made 5 commitments to OASF. Below is a reminder. Meet OASF every month with a Board member present. The meetings should have an agenda and have minutes circulated. OASF/OAFC Memorandum of Understanding first meeting was pencilled in for 20.09.21 but was postponed. We expect this […]

Fan Unity – A Message

It’s Match Day Today, fans of Oldham Athletic are exercising their right to protest, both outside and inside the ground. As fans ourselves, we get it; when we are loud and proud, it is a wonderous sight. We are the best ambassador’s for our club, we are the best people to raise our plight locally […]

OASF Statement – Now or Never

As you are aware, on Tuesday 31st August 2021 an informal meeting between representatives of Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation (OASF), Push The Boundary (PTB) and two members of the board of Oldham Athletic Football Club (OAFC). This took place via Zoom. This meeting was prompted by a joint plea from PTB and OASF for the […]

Meeting Statement 01.09.21

The Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation can confirm that the publicised meeting with Abdallah Lemsagam and Adam Morallee did take place yesterday afternoon via zoom, and we thank both of them for their time. Before giving more detail of the meeting and where we feel things currently stand, we think it fair to let Mr Lemsagam […]

OASF Statement – 29/08/21

OASF can confirm that in response to the letter dated 26th August 2021, an email has been received from club Director, Adam Moralee. Mr. Moralee has informed us that club owner Mr. A. Lemsagam is happy to meet via Zoom, on Tuesday 31st August 2021. Initially this meeting will be with one representative each from […]

When we meet

Meetings are held on either the first Wednesday/Thursday of the month.

Please click here to go to our events page for the dates of meetings and other planned events.