11 thoughts on “Hot topic of the week – Mr Lemsagam speaks.

  1. Stephen Hubbert

    The display against scunthorpe was totally disgraceful, no heart , no fight, no desire i can see only one end to this season , relegation the players bar one or two are not even competent in league 2

    1. Tracy Wright

      Hi Stephen, I have had to remove a word associated with bowel functions, hope you do not mind but we have to be mindful if any minors read the site. But we get it too. Thanks

  2. John Summers

    There always be a right and wrong time to do such a survey had we made a good start to the season the result would be completely different
    Please stop following the PTB 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    1. Tracy Wright

      Hi John, Hot topic of the week is a fan engagement idea from the FSA. You look at what the fan base is talking about and get a conversation going. Yes you are right too. If everything was rosey, we would be chatting about the next match, whose going to score the winning goal. Hopefully, next week we can talk about the match instead – thanks

      1. Howard Travis

        Pointless interview as it was hosted by someone who wants to keep their job and didn’t ask any probing questions.
        And if Lemsagam thinks we’re doing OK then there’s no way anything will change – unfortunately!

      2. Pete Marsh

        But everything isn’t rosy, and it hasn’t been for years. The club is going in one direction… downwards. Ifs, buts and maybes are pointless, let’s deal with the facts – since the new owners came in we have gone down a division and are struggling to stay in it. We have now established ourselves as a bottom-six fourth division side. Those are the facts, and it’s simply not good enough. It’s laughable that the owner cannot see this.

  3. Stephen Nicholls

    We have heard all the same comments every time our owner deigns to speak to us.Personally I think the way the club is run is amateurish and only going one way,into the National League. Even a complete novice knows that one experienced midfielder and a proper central defender {who is already here}would have us well up this terrible league pretty quickly.You can’t change those who won’t listen.

  4. Oldham Nil

    Abdallah continues to spout his hyperbole, but it is clear to everyone else that the situation the club is in is beyond dire.
    Some people will still think whatever Abdallah says is gospel, and he can do no wrong – then call anyone else who disagrees “not a proper fan”
    This strategy of “divide and conquer” will not work.
    The proper fans are speaking, and the directorship are not listening…or arguing that black is white.

    1. Tracy Wright

      Thanks Oldham Nil. I have had to remove specific names I am afraid

  5. peter howard

    Well congratulations on putting a survey on here but you could have got more information from the fans if you’d asked more than one question.

    1. Tracy Wright

      Hi Pete. Hot topic of the week is something new. We were conscious that there are lots of surveys out there so, we were just trying different methods. Last week we had two questions so we will take you feedback and adapt it – thanks

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