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OASF listed Boundary park football stadium including little Wembley, with the local authority (OMBC) in March 2017. This has to be renewed every 5 years and is due in March 2022. The below link is to the OMBC website.

How Does the ACV Work?

Key Terms and Names

  • The Asset: Is Boundary Park football stadium, little Wembley and surrounding car parks. Our home.
  • The Nominator/community group: Is OAFC supporter Foundation
  • The Owner of the asset: Is Brassbank LTD.
  • The Local Authority: Maintains the register of ACV listings, manages the journey and processes between the owner and the nominator.

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My community guide on right to bid .

Get Involved

If you would like to assist in the renewal and maintaining of the ACV please email with the subject: ACV


Monthly updates on the progress of the ACV renewal will be placed here.

ACV renewal 1st draft submitted to OMBC. Thanks to our volunteer

SAG FOI. We won the internal review appeal but have still being denied the meetings notes. We did give OMBC a chance to re-consider quoting two councils who do publish SAG meeting notes but still denied. We will now escalate our request to the independent commissioner.

ACV pre-trigger project. We approached PTB to see if they were interested in a joint project. TBA

Overview of ACV renewal provided by volunteer to OASF Board. Noted changes will have to be made to paperwork because of our recent decision to revert to our full supporter name

Draft Renewal application has now been completed, ready for submittal to OMBC. We thank our volunteer who has completed the work on our behalf.

SAG FOI internal review appeal is overdue. This has been chased three times with OMBC & FSA have been advised. Councillor Sam Hamdani has been contacted to escalate our growing frustrations.

Second project – Foundation Oldham (was Trust) board. Voted to proceed with the pre-requisition work and contact outside organisations with regards to grants/funds available.

Second project – Trust Oldham agreed to continue to progress with the ACV pre-trigger work

Second project – Are we ready to bid if the ACV was triggered? At a specially arranged meeting we looked at a pre-trigger checklist of the work we would have to complete in order for us to make an informed decision if owning BP was viable. This will be a massive project and may include out sourcing work for a RICS surveyor (Condition/valuation) of BP, commercial and corporate solicitor and grant/loan applications.

Additionally, we have requested an internal review with OMBC. This was the result of our original December request to see SAG meeting notes. Specifically on the condition of BP or highlighting any potential future remedial work needed, would help us with our intelligence gathering if we were to bid. Think cost to replace main stand or chaddy end.

Volunteers to be contacted to start the renewal process and request to Trust board to prioritise work surrounding the ACV pre-trigger checklist required. Completing this check list will help the Trust decide if it is viable to place a bid on BP if the opportunity arose in the future.

Good news, confirmation of the contact at the Council and the volunteers will make a start on the renewal process in the New Year.

Trust Director Tracy Wright reported that the ACV renewal team are on hold as OMBC has been none-responsive to our contact. This was logged as a complaint on 23.10.2020 and although allocated to another council department, failed to respond back due to a technical problem. Therefore, Tracy has escalated this to Councillor Al Jabber (whose Ward BP sits in) and Councillor Sam Al Hamdani (FSA Advocate) on 01.11.2020, as well referred back to the OMBC complaint team.

Councillor Sam Al Hamdani has responded and has offered assistant if the OMBC legal team (now been allocated the complaint via the complaint team on 03.11.2020 and will be the 4th department contacted) does not respond.

Tracy will give the legal department allocated the complaint until 09.11.2020 to respond or, will ask Councillor Sam Al-Hamdani to step in.

The ACV is due for renewal in March 2022. The Trust has created a sub-committee headed up by Tracy Wright to progress the ACV and ensure that it is not allowed to lapse. Tracy has contacted the council trying to find the relevant department who deals with ACVs and has come up against many hurdles. They want to ensure that:

  1. The contact details on file are up to date.
  2. The ACV has not been triggered without being notified.
  3. OMBC is aware of the ACV.

The next step is to contact the councillors for Coldhurst (one of whom is on the Planning Committee) as Tracy is being passed from pillar to post. The sub-committee will provide monthly updates on how the ACV is progressing to the Trust board.