FSA key questions to ask Club monthly.

After the demise of Bury in 2019, the then Trust board asked the FSA to give us a “health check”. Not only to look at our shareholder rights with the Club, but what questions your Supporter Representative should be asking the Club on a monthly basis. We call them the FSA key marker questions.

It is well documented that for various reasons, we never managed to get this done until July 2021.

Why is this done?

Companies publish their financial accounts yearly and can be 12 months behind. Essentially, this means that financial information is not up to date or a true snapshot of where the business (Club) is. What is needed is a up to date information, critically to the last completed month. This is the financial pulse of the Club.

How will this be done?

Your Supporter Rep, or interim will report to the OASF board at the beginning of each month, with a review of the previous month.

Why the following month?

We are aware that the Club mainly pays its financial obligations towards the end of each month, like staff wages. We want to know the last completed month.

How will we review this?

We will operate a traffic light system, Red, Amber, Green. This not only rates the Club, but also rates the work of your Supporter Rep too.

Additionally, the Clubs financial year starts, July to June. However, as we are just starting, we have included June 2020 as a base line.

We must stress that this is our view based on “eyes on intelligence” from the Supporter Rep. This is not an exercise to cause panic, but to give a realistic snapshot per month on how we are monthly monitoring the situation.

FSA questionsJune 2021
CQ in July
July 2021
CQ in Aug
Aug. 2021
CQ in Sep
Sept. 2021
CQ in Oct
Oct. 2021
CQ in Nov
CQ in Dec
Dec. 2021
CQ in Jan
Jan 2022
CQ in Feb
Feb 2022
CQ in Mar
Mar 2022
CQ in Apr
Apr 2022
CQ in May
May 2022
CQ in June
June 2022
CQ in July
July 2022
CQ in Aug
1. Club Accounts. Request to see Full up to date management accounts. Ideally drafted to the end of the last full month. To include cash flow statement. Profit/losses.No. Rep target date is August
2. Is the club paying the bills/financial obligations in a timely manner? No CCJ’sYes & No see 9
3. Are the club staff being paid and on time?Yes
4. Are there any Directors loans? If Yes, what are the implications. Increasing Equity?None
5. Access to Club Budgets. Are we borrowing and compliant with EFL regulations?No. Embargo. Breach of EFL loan conditions
6. Access to the SCMP (or new name). Club have submitted these twice a year. Pre-season in July and December time. Have you seen them? Are we compliant?Yes, submitted in June.
Yes compliant
Yes, submitted in June.
Yes compliant
Yes, submitted in June.
Yes compliant
Yes, submitted in June.
Yes compliant
Yes, submitted in June.
Yes compliant
Yes, submitted in June.
Yes compliant
7. Any FCA and pension issues, implications and financial penaltiesNone
8. Staffing. Update on and off the pitch. Including player recruitment and any impending tribunals/dismissals.1) No. Embargo.
2) Unknown on tribunal/dismissals
update in August
9. Property matters. Any ongoing Club/landlord disputes1) Yes. Outstanding rent ? on how many months outstanding. Update by August
2) JR/NS stand not resolved.
3) No update on reported sale of stadium to owner.
Percentage green 44%

Red & Amber are concerns.