Together we are stronger and a louder voice in the boardroom and as an affiliate member of the FSA, continue our work on good governance and financial reform for all EFL clubs.

Strength in numbers.

Membership to OASF is free as of 08.04.21. OASF exists to serve all fans. By becoming a member you have the following rights:

  • Attend the AGM
  • Vote at the AGM
  • Stand for election to the Board of Directors
  • Vote for the Board of Directors
  • Participate in members surveys
  • Participate in FSA surveys
  • Raise our concerns and experiences as a supporter organisation at a national level

Although we exist to serve all those invested in the future of the club, by having a large membership it gives OASF a greater voice. By joining OASFm you give us:

  • A louder voice in the Boardroom and help shape the future of our football club.
  • Help raise our supporter experiences on a national level with our work with the FSA on EFL reform.

As of May 2921, there are 197 members of OASF

We are always looking for people to help theOASF. You do not need to be a Director to play a role. You can join us as a Blue and White volunteer (see our page above).

If you can offer up some time please get in touch.

Do you remember the dark days of 2004? Where you there at the inception of the Trust (Now OASF)? Did you contribute monies or volunteer in some capacity at that time? Were you given a laminated membership card the size of a credit card?

Does this sound familiar? Then OASF is looking for you. Over the years we have lost track of members who are still subscribing to OASF, or were given life membership in 2004. So please, check your bank statements to see if you are still subscribing and go through those cupboards to find that laminated card.

If you think you are still a member then please contact us. If we can confirm you do hold a valid membership we can arrange your transfer to the new membership database with your permission