We need help and we need it now. Help us to “frame the future” and “celebrate our past.”

We have identified skills gaps and knowledge in our organisation.

OASF should always reflect fans with different views and backgrounds to ensure we get a wide range of views and perspectives.

We are critically low on numbers and we are looking for more like-minded Latics fans, who may not necessarily want to be a director, but would like to help in some capacity. 

As the saying goes, “many hands make light work”

We would welcome help from businesses too.

List of roles, working groups, project teams and support we need.

  • Time: Is an important skill. Just volunteering a few hours a week to help us out when and where, would be a big help.
  • Human resources generalist:…… NOW FILLED AS OF 03.03.2021 THANKS
  • Legal: Are you a lawyer or a solicitor? We would like to have a team of advisors ready to help us as a company. Think Corporate with regards to us as a company, think Club & shareholder rights. Think Landlord (Property) with the Asset of Community Value. Think legacy, those fans who want to leave something in their will (see Canaries Trust https://www.canariestrust.org/legacydonations ), think the Rochdale fan who left his estate to his club in January 2021.
  • Communications: Do you have experience of comms work? Are you able to communicate and adapt to new technology and converse with all? Think Facebook, Twitter and posting on this website. Trust has a communication policy in place can you follow it or are willing to offer suggestions to change it?
  • Website and technology: Are you qualified in development and new technologies? We are looking for someone who can help us review the tools we are using and make us engage better on all fronts, members, fans, other outside organisations. Think websites development, social media tools, office based resources. Are we using best technology available?
  • Media/Press/Marketing: Have you experience of being a spokesperson? The face of our organisation or can you help to raise our profile in general? Think Podcasts, Radio, press.
  • RICS surveyor: In the near future, we will need a valuation on Boundary Park stadium. This is part of our ACV pre-trigger work. We have heard in the media what a possible price is for Boundary Park. Now we need to see if it is worth this and what potential future outlays may arise (condition report). Think future cost of replacing the main stand or Chaddy end.
  • Working group: Business development: Think key contacts in our community, councillors, businesses, sponsors and how we need to connect and network. We need to start reaching out and say “hello…this is who we are, what we do and our role in securing future football in the borough of Oldham…” as well as capturing discounts for members.
  • Working Group: Research fundraising and grants: What can OASF access? Best platforms? Or tools to use? We need to look at launching future fundraising but we need to ensure we have it right. UPDATE 06.03.2021 THE DCMS RELEASED NEWS ON A COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP GRANT MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/community-ownership-fund
  • Working Group: Research on Project management and Business plans: Think ACV and if triggered OASF’s right to tender a bid. Would we be ready in a six weeks to register an non-obligatory interest to bid? or to make that committed bid four months later? Think asset valuation (BP) and projected running cost. Ideally, we need qualified and experienced people for this group.
  • Working Group: Research our company: Are we the right set up for a company? It was 2004 when we formed. What are the benefits of changing to something else like a Community Benefit Society?
  • Academy/Playershare Sub committee: Separately run from OASF but will update the OASF board team on a monthly basis. Helps to support OAFC Academy run by Paul Murray and his team.
  • SAG Fan representation: In December 2020, we approached OMBC with a request for fan representation on the SAG team. This follows on from an FSA article that fans should have a say on their match day safety. We are waiting acknowledgment from OMBC. Meanwhile, we are looking for volunteers from our fanbase. Ideally from each stand and representative of our fans diversity and inclusivity. Please consider that you may have to be available during normal business hours to attend. Think Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm………UPDATE 06.03.2021 OMBC ARE SEEKING LEGAL ADVICE ON OUR REQUEST TBA OUTCOME BUT WE HOPE THIS WILL BE SORTED BEFORE OUR RETURN BACK TO BP
  • Match day volunteers: Once we return back to BP. Can you help man a stall? Sign up new members?
  • Our history: We need to start to start logging, recording and celebrating our history. We need to look at the former players/key figures and how we keep in touch with them and maybe organise events. Do you have any ideas?
  • Various skillsets: As a fan base we are diverse and we need to build our “go to” list of people/businesses and what they can offer. From Construction trades think ground maintenance, to administration. Everything and anything of help and support will go on our “go to” list.

Have we missed anything? Well the rumour is that we are human so we could have done. Please feel free to contact us if we have or offer suggestions too.


The email us at: hello@trustoldham.org